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World-class Fountain Project Supplier in China

T.Y.Fountain can do water features such as: music fountain, dancing fountain, program fountain, digital fountain, floating fountain, water screen movie, dry fountain, fire jet fountain, air explosion fountain, mist fountain, high jet, digital waterfall, jumping jet, laser show, lighting show etc.

About T.Y. Fountain

T.Y.Fountain is a multinational enterprise with international reputation and beautiful scenery and waterscape. It is a combination of large-scale music fountain, water curtain film, color fire show, dance beauty show and other cultural technology finance. international firms. The group has a number of internationally renowned directors and international water fountain art designers, engineers and experienced construction teams. Australia Rainbow adheres to the corporate tenet of “Being a leader in international water culture and art”, interpreting art with technology, using culture to express culture, and leading the international dance beauty and waterscape art trend. Since its establishment, the company has received strong support from variousgovernment departments, including Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, India, Bangladesh, Russia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Pakistan, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt and Oman. A number of countries and cities have designed a number of high-quality water projects, and won the praise of domestic and foreign customers. Our corporate goals: visually stunning, shining globally!

Our Investment

T.Y.Fountain is the only fountain factory in China with multiple CNC cutting machines, CNC bending machines and other numerical control machines.

The precious machines make fountain equipment quality guaranteed.

Service Area

  • Music fountain design and construction
  • Comprehensive water show design and construction
  • City waterscape design and construction
  • Nightscape lamplight design and construction

For years, we have been offering customers perfect waterscape with international first-class creative design and international standards of production services relying on our exceptional creativity, novel design and extraordinar y presentation, in terms of city square, eco-park or theme park and fountain landscape.

Design Procedure

Prophase Research of Design
  • Feasibility Study
  • Engineering Design Research
  • Space Effect Research
Multimedia Presentation Design
  • Graphic Composition
  • Environment Simulation
  • Lighting
  • Water Dance Movement Simulation
Concept Design
  • Feasibility Study
  • Engineering Design Research
  • Space Effect Research
Detailed Engineering Design
  • Structure Fundamental
  • Network Control
  • Mechanic Electrical
  • Security Protection

Our Service

  • 1 Specific Requirement
  • 2 Fountain design
  • 3 Manufacturing
  • 4 Installation & Debugging
  • 5 On site end user training
  • 6 Long term technical support

Fountain Site: natural lake/river, man-made pond, water pool, shopping mall, hotel, trade center, restaurant people square, theatre square, museum, plaza, water entertainment park, water theme park.

Natural Lake/River: floating music fountain, water screen movie projection, water laser show, super high jet fountain.

Shopping Mall indoor: pool music digital water curtain, water string curtain jump jet.

Outdoor: music dancing fountain, water fountain laser show, lighting music fountain, dry deck fountain, interact floor fountain, jumping jet fountain.

TY Fountain Project Flowchart